COMPETITION Swiss Embassy in Yaoundé, Cameroun
Through the choice of it's material, the building clearly shows the connection between Switzerland and Cameroun. The use of Corian (Dupont, Switzerland) as an outer covering and the visible roof structure of tropical wood (Cameroun) links the two countries. The space frame roof shows in the figurative sense, a Swiss mountain landscape without dominating. It adapts to the height development of the neighboring buildings. The wood construction creates shadows and draws air into the courtyard. The design adapts to the tropical climate. Air passages allow for cross ventilation. The bright walls reduce the heat load. A covered routing for tropical rainfall is available. The buildings are clearly seperated by function. Lower Level Building is for visa and consular matters and follows the natural terrain. The more private and representation area, situated higher on the siete, is closed from the public and for the ambassador and his family. The shape of the building results from higher security requirements. There are no windows facing the street. Rooms are situated around a courtyard. The roofs are used to collect rainwater for watering the garden. Deep wells and generators are located in the basement. The outdoor planting is adapted to the climate. The irregular shape of the star edelweiss is used in wood construction. The dominant red african soil and the colorful dress of its people, and the white mountains of Switzerland were inspiration to the design.