Berlin is not a world city. Berlin is not a global player. Berlin is poor, but sexy. (Quote: Wowereit, Mayor of Berlin). Although Berlin is a cultural melting point and the geographical midpoint of Europe, Berlin is far from being a metropolitan city. The past proved that fast Travel connections make a city globally interesting. Berlin missed this chance. Here is a new one. Suborbital Transport Terminal ( Spaceport Berlin ) The design of the Suborbital Spaceport Terminal is based on creating a time-efficient spatial structure which will transport Business Travelers / CEO’s with super speed to any point in the world in less than 2 hours. The Terminal exists out of two Building parts. For security reasons the whole complex is set 25 meters below ground level. The Mechanical Part of the Building is a "pistol ball bearing-like" Shuttle Elevator, that supplies room for all mechanical programs, like a the High Security Fueling Box, Ultra Sonic Inspection Areas of the space shuttle hull, Thermalprotection Systems , Mechanical Labs and Non Destructive Testing Zones. This part of the Complex also includes offices for the entire customer service part and the booking of the flights. The entire part is meant to be super functional and highly time efficient. The Main Terminal is the part where the passenger arrives and boards. It is designed to be a theater-like first class atmosphere that supports the distinctiveness of the flight. The shuttle drives directly into the main hall and the passenger steps out of his car or helicopter and walks directly to the shuttle. The Shuttle is called EVE, which stands for Evolution in Elevation. It is a horizontally starting suborbital Space Transporter, which glides through the sub orbit and gives the passenger the opportunity to fly in an extraordinary 90 minutes from Berlin to Sydney.